About ARGO Tabs

ARGO is commited to making power paired tabbing as simple, open and efficient as possible. This is why our IT Officer, Marius Petcu has developed a new user-friendly tabbing system, ARGO Tabs.

While currently used tabulation solutions are very general, ARGO Tabs is designed specifically for the WS format, thus removing bloat and allowing for format-specific flexibility. Tabs comes with a major overhaul of the tabulation experience, making data management easy, intuitive and fast, so that anybody with minimum WS knowledge and with a decent typing speed can operate it.

To put this into perspective, a round with 100 teams (yes, that happened) took only 20 minutes to be fully tabulated, compared to the usual 40-60 minutes.

And what’s best of all is that it’s open source, meaning that anybody with programming skills can grab the code and hack on it to make whatever customisations and improvements he requires.

And here it is: http://argotabs.herokuapp.com/