Org Comm

Andrei Coman

Energetic, friendly and willing to help, Andrei knows how to bring people together and how to make them work even though they have never met before. His hard work and involvement in the debate community helped him gain a spot in this year’s Org Comm of ARGO Open. Being at his second competition as an Org Comm member, he knows a few tricks on dealing with things and wants to make sure everybody has an awesome experience at ARGO Open.

Bogdan Petrini

Although Bogdan has never been part of a debate club, he has been a volunteer for various ARGO events since ARGO Open 2014. His constant involvement in debate competitions has landed him a spot in this year’s ARGO Open OrgComm as our official ARGO Driver, sometimes referring to the ”department” as ARGO Trans. Currently, he is a high school graduate and will start studying Transportation Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Also, he likes to brag, that’s why this description is so long.

The Convener – Laura Drăgoi

Laura was a member of the Romanian national team for WSDC 2011 an 2012 and ARGO Open 2012 Champion. In terms of BP debating, she was an ESL finalist at Oxford IV 2014, BOC 2014 Finalist and won a number of national competitions. She was a breaking judge at most national tournaments since 2012, and a number of important international competitions such as BSDC 2013 and EurOpen 2013 and 2014. She has been part of the ARGO Open OrgComm for the last two years and is continuing the tradition. Currently she is a student of International Relations at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Tamara Curea – Logistics

Tamara joined ARGO as a regular volunteer back in 2014, although she has never debated herself. However, she has been a helpful volunteer for all major competitions that ARGO has organised ever since (and we love her).

Paul Gligor – Logistics

12th grader at Colegiul National Mihai Viteazul, one of Ploiesti’s most popular high-schools, Paul believes that having a positive approach on any situation will solve it much quicker. Also he is quite the energetic guy, except for when you ask him the same question again and again.

Miruna Dumitrache – PR

Organized by nature, Miruna is eager to get involved into ARGO Open 2016 experience and be part of one of the most exciting events in the debating community. She secretly hopes you likes the newsletters.