ARGO (Romanian Association for Thought and Oratory) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing education through debating for pupils, university students and adults. Our programmes help over 200 young people to develop critical thinking, rhetorical and debating skills, every year. We run some of the most high profile schools debating clubs in Romania and the largest university debating club in Bucharest, ARGO Uni, which prepares university debaters for excellence at a national and international level.

ARGO has been at the forefront of World Schools debating in Romania, having developed both the tradition of sending our national teams to WSDC since 2004 and promoting the World Schools format at tournaments and events all across Romania.

Our debaters have been a constant presence in the national team, and generally at international tournaments and a number of our trainers have judged and coached at WSDC and numerous other debating tournaments across the world.

ARGO is a member of the Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR), the national debating organisation that federates all regional and local debating associations.