Stuff to do

Culture and sightseeing:

There are many cultural and architectural monuments, including the Cultural Palace; the Clock Museum, featuring a collection of clocks and watches gathered by Nicolae Simache; the Oil Museum; the Art Museum of Ploiești, donated by the Quintus family; and the Hagi Prodan Museum, dating to 1785: the property of a merchant named Ivan Hagi Prodan, it contains elements of old Romanian architecture and for a short time after World War I it hosted the first museum in Ploiești, “Prahova’s Museum”.

Hagi Prodan Merchant House

Ploiești has always been a lively city, but now, more than ever, due to recent investments, the city has flourished in terms of free-time activities. In August 2011, Ploiești hosted the Golden Carpathian European Film & Fair and a Goran Bregovic concert. We also host an annual international jazz festival, Hot Jazz Summit.

The Clock Museum

Food places:

Ploiești is the proud host of a number of fast food restaurants, very good pizza places and fine dining restaurants.

a. Fast Food:

Among the most popular are the international brands like McDonald’s and KFC, Subway and many others most of them located in the two malls (Ploiesti Shopping City( and AFI Palace Ploiesti ). Of course there also the more traditional fast food places that serve Romanian style Shaworma, Kebap and other very tasty combinations.

b. Pizza:

Being very closely related to italians, Romanians are crazy about pizza. We just can’t get enough of it. Ploiești is home to some excellent pizza places among which : Jerry’s Pizza, Kentucky Pizza (American style), DaVinci Pizza , Angelos Pizza (Italian style).

If you wanna order in here are some numbers:
Jerry’s – 0244 513 333 –
DaVinci – 0244 531 873 –

c. Restaurants

There are a variety of very good restaurants in Ploiești, including Tres Olivos (Spanish Tapas), Dyonisos (Greek Restaurant), OK Bulevard (international), Casa Ploiesteana (Local Food), Snitzel Haus and others.


Massive shopping malls can be found at the edges of Ploiesti, both Ploiesti Shopping City and AFI Palace Ploiesti, have all the retailers your heart could possible desire! And great Cinemas!

Ploiesti Shopping City

Winmarkt Shopping Center and Ploiești Primavera Mall can both be found in Ploiești’s City Center. You can find all sorts of things in the shops there. Winmark Shopping Center also hosts a Carrefour Market which is a well stocked supermarket in which you can find just about any groceries you might need. All this in only a 10 minute walk from our debating venue.

Winmarkt Shopping Center

Going Out:

Ploiești has a number of very popular bars and clubs. This is where we’ll chill out after rounds and rounds of awesome, but tiring debates. Just ask us, and we’ll go out with you.