Getting here

Getting There on Your Own

Ploiești is a very well connected transport hub and there are a lot of quite convenient (both fast and cheap) ways to get here. We do kindly ask for you to tell us in due time when you are arriving and where you are arriving so we can organize pick up. Please contact our registration officer should you have any more questions regarding transportation.

A. By Plane:

Ploiești is about 50 km (31 mi) away from Henri Coandă Otopeni International Airport (OTP). There are quite cheap flights from Vienna, Budapest and other Central and Western European hubs to Henri Coanda Otopeni (Austrian, Lufthansa, Czech, Malev, Tarom). You can also find links to transcontinental hubs, such as Frankfurt and Istanbul. If you speak to us in time we will try to organize cheap pick up vans from the airport directly to Ploiești.

1. Henri Coandă Otopeni International Airport – Ploiesți

If you contact us we can organize pickups from and to the Aiport directly to and from Ploiești! This service will cost between about 9 and 18 EUR per person one way depending on the size of the group (the larger the cheaper, we will attempt to group you in larger sets), provided by our host Hotel.__

If you chose to get to Ploiești on your own, you have two options:

*_a. Taxi + Train_ (only recommdended if you wish to spend some time in Bucharest as it is more expensive overall than the transfer provided by our hote)
You may also take a taxi from the airport to Bucharest North Rail Station. That will be faster but beware that taxis from the airport (these are special firms, not regular city ones) can be expensive, even up to 40 euros pe car. Some might try to trick you, so be sure they start the meter before you depart. If you do want to use a taxi we suggest that you call one from the automatic machines set up in the arrivals terminal that hail normal rate taxi firms. You will be given a slip with a number of the taxi and waiting time. (DO NOT take ones that are just standing in front of the airport, they are VERY expensive and might even cheat you). Normal taxi fares should take you up to about 10 euro per car (45 RON). Please make sure that we you get in they start the meter. If they do not tell them to do it or end the ride.

When you get to Bucharest North (Nord) railway station just use the instructions from point 2.

b. Bus + Train (cheapest total cost 5 EUR oneway)

You may take bus 780 from the downstairs bus station in the arrivals terminal. This bus goes directly to Bucharest Nord Railway Station.

If you want to visit the city you can take the bus 783 that goes to the city center but not the railway station.

There is a ticket stand where you can buy a single use bus card worth of almost 2 eur that ensures a round trip Airport-Bucharest City.

Once you get to the railway station just use the instructions bellow.

2. Bucharest North Rail Station (Gara de Nord) – Ploiești

There are hourly trains from Ploiești to Bucharest. You can buy tickets directly from the ticket offices. Prices vary from 2 – 4 EUR, depending on the train type.

B. By Train to Ploiești:

Ploiești is the second most well connected transport hub in Romania, after Bucharest, so you should be able to get here from about anywhere in Europe. It is advisable to ask for accurate information at your local train station.

Trains coming in from Western and Central Europe almost without exception come into Romania, through Ploiești West (Vest) Rail Station, which is the last stop before getting to Bucharest.

Trains coming in from Ukraine, Russia, the Baltics or Moldova, should pass through Ploiești South (Sud) Rail Station which is also the last stop before Bucharest.

If you are travelling from Southern Europe or the Balkans, you will get to Bucharest and then you will have to take a 40 min train to Ploiești from there.

By Bus:

Depending on where you are traveling from there are buses run by different operators that pass through or go directly to Ploiești. For more information contact your local Coach or Bus Operator.