International Teams and Judges

STAGE 1 Delegations can REGISTER HERE!
STAGE 2 Individual members of the delegation can REGISTER HERE!


Registration for international teams is now open! We are welcoming teams of 3, 4 or 5 debaters, be them National or Schools teams. Each team must bring at least one judge and institutional delegations will be subject to the n-1 rule for judges, where n is the number of teams.

Each team is entitled to one coach, in the sense that any extra coaches will have to pay the full observers’ fee (for more details, please access the Observers section).

Please note that debaters have to be accompanied by a delegation leader. The delegation leader has to be over 18 and must be accommodated at the same venue as the debaters belonging to that delegation. The delegation leader will also be the person we will contact when communicating information to the delegations.


Debaters and judges have two options of accommodation, school dorms or a 4-star hotel. The fee is set according to your accommodation preferences.

If you choose accommodation at the hotel, the fee is set at 130 EUR for judges, 170 EUR for debaters (given the limits set above), and 200 EUR for observers and coaches.

If you choose accommodation at high school dorms, the fee is set at 90 EUR for judges, 120 EUR for debaters and coaches (given the limits set above), and 160 EUR for observers.

All fees cover breakfast from Sunday to Tuesday and lunch and dinner from Saturday to Monday. Additionally, all fees cover accommodation from Friday to Tuesday. Participants will be expected to check out on Tuesday, unless they require extra accommodation nights. Participants will receive materials and have access to coffee break during the day.

If you need extra accommodation nights, please indicate this during the second stage of registration. The form will include this aspect. Participants will have to pay 20 EUR per night for extra accommodation nights at the hotel and 5 EUR per night for extra accommodation nights in the dorms.

Note that accommodation at the dorms is of significantly lower quality than the hotel – we will accommodate 2 people per room at the hotel, as opposed to 6 in the dorms, amenities will differ, etc. The hotel is also slightly closer to the debate venue, however both venues are within walking distance and volunteers will pick you up when travelling from the accommodation venue to the school that will host the debates.


  • 8th of February – Registration for international teams starts. Registration is per delegation.
  • 4th of April – Payment and registration per delegation deadline. The form is here
  • 6th of April – Second registration stage deadline. The form is here